I Am Pro-Choice...Deal With It.

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I was reading this article on one of my favorite blogs and was inspired to write about my own feelings on abortion and pregnancy rights.

Question: does being pro-choice mean I am also pro-abortion? Many so called “pro-life” proponents would have you believe so. But to me that argument is just as ridiculous as saying that because I’m against the death penalty that means I’m pro-violence! No abortion is repugnant to me and I know it is something I would never do. But I also have a very large and supportive family who would help care for my child and me if I were to give birth. So because I know that there are millions of women worldwide who aren’t as blessed or even as hopeful as me, I remain steadfastly and unabashedly pro-choice. Therefore…


Pro – Building self-esteem in young women so they will not feel they have to use the sex act as an affirmation of their self-worth.

Pro – Building self-esteem in young men so they will not equate the haphazard creation of babies with manliness.

Pro – Holistic sex education which does not separate genitalia and sexuality from the rest of the body’s physiology. Our pelvic regions are not, as certain religious groups would have us think, amorphous masses that only come together into a recognizable shape when we want to do the nasty/reproduce. Not only is this method of thinking medieval, it’s just plain dangerous!

Pro – Guaranteeing that every child conceived is wanted and is born into a home that can support it emotionally as well as financially. Leave it to pro-lifers to simultaneously value and devalue life by fighting to force all women (no matter what their parental capabilities) to give birth in instances of extreme poverty, drug abuse, domestic abuse, low wage jobs, unaffordable daycare (or no daycare) and little to no healthcare! Maybe more women would be more inclined to carry a fetus to term if they knew the'd have access to all the tools they'd need to be successful parents regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Pro – Equal division of parental and household responsibilities between men and women so women don't feel they must sacrifice being fully involved in their children’s lives for career/personal fulfillment. There’s a reason Superwoman lives in comic books, it’s because she doesn’t exist!

Pro – No one, no matter how well meaning, should use the laws of this country to force others to procreate (or not to procreate as the case may be) to their whims!

Here’s another take on the American Taliban (AKA The Religious Right) – Chris Hedges gives his opinion on why, in the land that made separation of church and state and personal freedoms famous, there is such a thing as a “Religious Right” in the first place and why they’re so powerful: The Radical Christian Right Is Built on Suburban Despair

See, I told you Ms. GD has layers! – GD

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  1. Alex Remy 6:04 PM, October 25, 2007
    Just spotted your link in my comments--thanks very much for sharing this. Most anti-abortion advocates do seem to believe pro-choice advocates are "pro abortion". Likewise, many assume that all pro-choice advocates have exactly the same beliefs and the same motivations.

    Your article perfectly illustrates the nuances of your own stance, and also debunks the myth that all pro-choicers are clones of one another. We may ultimately reach the same conclusion, but the ways we get there are complex, unique, and worthy of acknowledgement.

    Thanks again--

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