Overwhelmed Naija Babe Sure Is A Noisy Heifer!

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But I love her anyway! So I decided to accept her tagging challenge and have answered all her impertinent (Yet still very tame and, dare I say, naïve) questions. Enjoy!

1.) How old were you the first time? Mid-twenties (I know, late bloomer).

2.) Name of your first? Can’t remember. I can’t even remember his face! But I remember that dick

3.) Good or Bad? I didn’t do it for pleasure; I did it for the experience. Now the second guy was like WHOA!

4.) Name of the worst and why? Can’t remember his name. Actually I had more than one “Worst”. I would say “worst” is anyone who is inattentive or too self-centered to be concerned with my pleasure. Or if he has a small, ineffectual dick!

5.) Name of the best and why? Can’t tell you the name but she was the best so far because she was the opposite of the worst: very attentive and considerate.

6.) Weirdest place you ever had sex? Haven’t had the chance yet!

7.) Favorite Position? Any position where we’re facing each other. I love watching a man’s face when he orgasms! And I like kissing while we both cum.

8.) Ever fake an orgasm? Yes! Anything to get that weak nigga the hell off me!

9.) Would you admit it if the person asked? Depends on the person. Unfortunately most guys don’t want to know or wouldn’t believe it anyway. 

10.) Favorite time of day to have sex? Afternoon or early morning.

11.) Most times you have had sex in one day? 4 times. Any more than that and I’d go crazy! I have a short attention span!

12.) Same person? Uh…yeessss!

13.) Ever fantasize about someone other than the one you’re with? Never (at least not yet).

14.) Restrictions during sex? No TV or radio and the ringer (cell and land line) must be turned off!

15.) Accessories? Yes…several…

16.) Done it in the rain? Nope.

17.) Done it in a car? Only “heavy petting”. I don’t like confined spaces.

18.) Had a Threesome? No…but if I found two interested, sexy men…

19.) Want to have sex now? I’m sleepy now. Does it count if I dream about the sex?

Now it’s my turn! I’m tagging all the people we’ve listed on our blog as well as ALL the people who read this blog! How’s that for being a noisy heifer? – GD

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  1. Overwhelmed Naija Babe 11:34 PM, January 10, 2007
    lmao.. fantastic writeup!!! I knew I could trust you to do this tag.. afterall isn't sex in your blogname? lol... the best was a she huh...can someone say freaky lol...
  2. beautyinbaltimore 6:23 AM, January 14, 2007
    Oh my, you never mentioned that you like girls too. Please blog about that.
    I always thought that I was late at 21. What made you wait until your mid twenties?

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