Same Sh!t. . .different year

By Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia
As galaxyMafia was looking through some old files, she came across the from 2004:

January 1, 2004
Happy new year. Will bite my tongue so as not to be sarcastic but don’t see anything very happy about it at this moment. The night is young though. Here’s my 2003 year in review. “The Heartbreak Diet” - Cried and didn’t eat and lost a lot of weight due to the burdensome stress of crying while simultaneously not eating. But when people asked, gave 24 Hour Fitness the credit. Destroyed ex-idiot’s laptop. On Easter weekend no less! Cops call my house. Thought I was going to jail. Or have to hire a lawyer who wanted me to give him $3700. eventually worked it out and paid for the damn thing. But still couldn’t let it go. Became a spy and joined a chat group for white dudes and black chicks and eventually got kicked off but managed to retain one friend. An old white guy. Sent crazy emails. Found a cool apartment for myself on the day one of ex-idiot’s friends threatened to press charges against me for hacking into her computer. Surely, she jested. About the hacking, not the pressing charges. Don’t know if she ever did because the cops never called me. Moved out of old apartment and into new apartment. Car fell completely apart and needed, after five years of needing nothing, almost five thousand in repairs. Spied on guy who looked like ex-idiot and got fired for it. They thought I was stalking him, I thought I was spying but, it was his perception that mattered and ultimately led to my untimely dismissal. I suppose he might have the occasion to feel superior because he got someone fired but, little did he know, I hated that job and didn’t really care for the people I worked with so. . .it was a blessing. The only thing I lost was the cool apartment and I guess I didn’t really lose that because I rented it because it was close to the ex-idiot’s house and it was easy for me to spy on him. And I did spy. I got caught spying and though it was funny, or tried to think that but it was sad. But I spied again though. Started dating. A lot. Turns out people like the way I look. Still think they are myopic, though. They all just want to pork me anyway so who cares?

On to the new year.
Working at Macy’s but hope to start subbing soon. Need to look into teacher certification programs. Want to teach now. Will be making the same I made at the oil and gas operation but will be able to keep my soul which was quickly atrophying day by day at that place where I was just a cog in their disastrous machine. How is that for melodrama. Hope to find a temp job. Or a job at Dillard’s where they are supposedly paying folks $11 bucks an hour. In the love department. No viable prospects. Just middle aged divorced white men who want to pork me and don’t want to get married again or have any more children. Need to get ready for work. We have inventory training and it was written that we were not to be late. Sure.

Well, galaxyMafia no longer works at Macy's and she no longer dates. She didn't become a teacher because she wasn't good enough and never got called for a second interview. She no longer spies. She can currently be found living a pathetic shell of a life, waiting to be put out of her misery by whatever means necessary.

copyright 2006. . .galaxyMafia. . .is a girl who has cried every day [and is currently crying as she writes this - HA!] since January 1. She wonders how long it will last and hopes that anyone who can laugh about this be given the freedom to do so without fear of retaliation. She used to have a favorite quote but she forgot it. It talked about how it was better to have not been born. Suppose galaxyMafia had died when she was just two days old. Surely, it would have been sad for her mother but not for galaxyMafia. . .and of course, the father would have moved on.

Anyway, live long and prosper.
Happy New Year

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  1. beautyinbaltimore 6:15 AM, January 14, 2007
    Its funny reading throught your old posts(journals) isn't it. There have been times that I read throught my own and thought what the hell was I thinking.

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