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As you Ladies who Love Lauaki (“LLL”) know, our sexy Sione is back in action after being sidelined during preseason with a broken wrist. He enjoyed his first regular game of Super 14 against the Bulls (ironically, the same team he played against when he damn near tore his shoulder from its socket last year) this past weekend.

Currently, Sione is weighing an impressive 120kg (I’m too lazy to convert it, y’all but tha ‘Nesian is big, okaaaay!) of BULK MUSCLE (you ain’t gone find no fat rolls in his camp), and look at what he has to say about his injury:

“. . .I got the strength back in my hand, which is pretty sweet now. . .”

You know, galaxyMafia is tempted to make some lascivious and/or salacious innuendo about Mr. Lauaki’s hands and their placement upon certain parts of her anatomy however, she will be a good Southern girl and not travel down that particular road.

Instead, she will just say she’s happy he’s back, and she will be downloading the game (Chiefs vs Bulls) tonight. Since she discovered her brand spanking new computer has a screen capture function, galaxyMafia will post any delicious frames of our sexy Sione on the blog. . .that is, if she isn’t too lazy to do it. . .and if the game doesn’t put her to sleep because, as you know, Waikato is quite boring.
copyright 2007. . .galaxyMafia. . .wasn't supposed to be writing about rugby players but what the hell. If she could waste months blogging about old Stinky Miller, a man she couldn't understand what all the fuss was about, then why not waste months blogging about ghetto 'Nesians!

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  1. Debalina 9:43 PM, February 26, 2007
    I converted it!!! 265 glorious pounds. OMG. He is a fine male specimen. Did you see his mini interview on the Chief's website under his profile? He is so cute. He just needs to grow his beautiful curls back. *sigh*

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