Damn But That Was Some Boring Ass Rugby!

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YAWN! Is it freakin’ OVER yet?

Yes we had still more technical difficulties this episode but let’s be honest here Dear Readers – The game was just so damn boring! OH MY GOODNESS! The Hurricanes…the Hurricanes…we think those were our boys out there on the pitch but we can’t be certain. What we know for sure is that we saw fifteen yellow jerseys ambling around like a gaggle of arthritic retirees on a hot ass golf course somewhere down in Florida so really; it’s anyone’s guess. But the good news is that Jerry Collins & Co. will be back next week to break their feet off (but not literally) in some South African Lions ass so that should be fun. Dear God please let it be fun!

So in lieu of an actual podcast we’d like to offer you these juicy screencaps of the best part of the game – the view of the Hurricanes bench just before half time!

Hurricanes Vs. Sharks Screencaps

Also, don’t forget about Glamour Diva’s hard as fuck Nesian Rugby Players Word Search! [Go on…I dare you to try and solve it! Nay! I double dog dare you…ROSE! – GD] Along with the completed puzzle please include the following in your email:

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Glamour Diva and galaxyMafia

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  1. rwolock 8:43 PM, March 20, 2007
    Well, Glamour Diva, I will never solve the word search because I CANNOT SEE IT! So there.

    Dear Galaxy Mafia, if you are really going to make a Richie video like you threatened, please spell his name Richie, not like Nicole Ritchie (oh, the horror!)

    Baby Boss Rose
  2. The Liquester 6:57 PM, March 23, 2007
    I agree with Rose. I could have solved yo' bo bo word search if I had bionic eyes to read that mess!

    Loved the captions between Peri and Lome. Peri's cornrows look jacked in that photo...i'm hoping it's just because the picture is blurry. I wouldn't have gone out in front of thousands of adoring fans looking like that.

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