Ambivalence is (still) bliss: “Thus saith Tialata. . .”

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“haha love how you girls talk about us and take the piss out of us boys on your web page...” – Neemia Tialata

That was the comment galaxyMafia found on the sexandthesushi Bebo page Friday night.

Initially, when galaxyMafia opened the email, she was a bit confused. The message said:


eat deezzzzzzz......! ntialata has added a comment to your profile.

The last time Mr. Tialata left a comment, the message was as follows:


Batman is back!!! . has added a comment to your profile.

Mr. Tialata’s Bebo name, as she had always known it (for the short time I’ve been lurking on Bebo, that it) was “Batman is back!!!” and galaxyMafia was familiar with his “Batman” identity. . .which she will do a post on for those of you who want to know why he was referring to himself as the Dark Knight. . .Mr. Tialata apparently now refers to himself as “Eat deezzzzzzz…..!”, for some reason. Perhaps galaxyMafia will ask him, perhaps not?

Anyhoo, initially, galaxyMafia thought the message from Mr. Tialata was “eat deezzzzzzz…..!”. That is to say, she assumed (incorrectly as it would turn out) that Mr. Tialata had responded to her with this juvenile, sophomoric, unoriginal and uninspired insult.

To wit, however, she was excited. She was thinking Mr. Tialata had truly gone there, telling her to, in effect, eat his nuts! Oh, she was getting ready for him. She had so many insults of her own lined up. It would be a character assignation to end all character assignations. She imagined a sad day in the All Blacks hotel Internet café when the boys discovered Ney in the corner in a fetal position after having read what galaxyMafia had written.

She planned to begin her missive as such. . .

“You flatulent, feculent, gelatinous fuck!! How dare you. . .”

Well, you guys get the picture. GM was gonna take Tialata’s ass to school. However, she calmed down a bit, called Glamour Diva, and discovered Tialata hadn’t insulted the Sushi Girls after all.

Quite the contrary, he loves us.

Hmmmm. . .

So, why is galaxyMafia not more excited? Isn’t this what she wanted? Adoration and respect from the rugby player who would be her baby daddy if not for a few inconsequential things like 5000 miles? Didn’t she want Tialata to see her blog and think it was funny? Didn’t she want him to be the kind of guy who could laugh at himself and understand satire?

Yes, to all of the above.

And yet, his message was a bit anticlimactic. First of all, it was tediously vague. He could have explained more, could have told us exactly what he liked, and which posts he’d read, etc.

Initially, Glamour Diva and I concluded he was just being a man, and men, as you know, don’t leave paragraphs of explanatory prose. But, then I remembered we’d received email from Jed “Jedi” Thian and the guys at the Rugby Fobcast and they all left great messages that were more than one sentence. . .

Although, technically, Tialata's comment may not be a sentence because the subject is missing.

“. . .love how you girls talk about us. . .” Who loves how we talk? Are we to assume it’s Neemia? How do we know someone else wasn’t “borrowing” his Bebo page to chat with friends or look at pictures that night? Yes, GM is reaching. . .

Anyway, once again, GM feels as though she is being ungrateful. After all, Neemia is communicating. He may not be saying anything interesting and exciting but, at least his grammar and usage is better than The Nonu’s and he figured out we’re girls so thank goodness for small favors, right?

That said, I left another comment inviting him and the boys to listen to our podcast. Who knows if he will, and if he does, who knows if he’ll comment. . .?

GalaxyMafia finds she is, unfortunately. . .still ambivalent!

copyright 2007. . .oh Mr. Tialata, if only you would stimulate my intellect!! Gimme a nice, slow, deep verbal thrust, mate!! *sigh*

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  1. bonzaiMoon 11:39 PM, June 16, 2007
    Great photo of NT...his beauty is really starting to grow on me. I like his hair...and yes, little things like that do cause an attraction :) Anyways, I think you are being to hard on the 'nesian. I think a lot can be inferred from his comment. He had to have spent quite a few minutes perusing the site to discover that GM and GD were taking the "piss out" of them. So, relish this new found attention from Neemia, I have a feeling it is just a sign of future interactions to come!!!

    -The celestial sister of GM -


    And check out my blog site...lil sis in training to be like the queens (warning - my blog is rugby free) -->
  2. Anonymous 4:52 AM, June 17, 2007
    Poor guys,they work hard every day but they "love how you girls talk about us..."so,let's give them some amusement...Miss Chihiro you asked :"Who loves how we talk?"Well,the story goes like that:"The Three Musketeers"by Alexandre Dumas:Neemia,Ma'a and Piri(boys,sorry,but you seems to be in pictures almost alweys together)And now let's have a cast:Neemia looks like Porthos 'cause of his massive stature(it's a good thing Ney,but you have 120kg while Ma'a is 100kg).Aramis is successfully play by Nonu 'cause he is "indeed a ladies'men like Aramis was.For Piri remains only Athos but he is in advantage 'cause Athos was the most reliable from all.Well we don't know that...You girls can ask me who is D'Artagnan?I don't know ,but i let you decide that...But i know their Motto:"one for all and all for fun".By the way,i come from a country where football players go to striptease club before a game (generally)so,guys,no problem,there is time to grow up and do the same...(if you don't understand read the article below).As you know girls,Al. Duma's saga continues with "After 20 years "and "Vicount of Bragelonne"(that ar e beautiful books boys, you shall read it).So,we shall live and see what will it happen...
  3. Anonymous 5:11 AM, June 17, 2007
    Me again ,sorry problems with computer...By the way ,Miss Chihiro,you said in a article that Nonu is safe ,well,living and loving...Who is he in love with?He is in love just with one or many?Or he loves LA FEMME?Please,share with us...I hope i make you laugh at least you make me Miss Chihiro(come on ,boys,admit you laugh too..)and Miss Sakamoto it's a delight to read what you write.Please,forgive my english,it's not my native language.As for Mr.Batman('cause we don't like "eat This...",Miss Chihiro don't take it to heart too muuch 'cause NZ has so many beautiful men...Well,boys,you said "love how you girls talk about us..."so,that means it's been a pleasure for you...Good luck on Tri Nations 'cause South Africa it's not France C or Canada...
  4. debalina 8:14 AM, June 17, 2007
    Of course they love it when we talk about them.....they are probably thrilled that girls outside of NZ talk about them. I am sure that we are the only girls in North America that know their names. That being said....Jerry call me! You can email these girls and get my email address.....;) Oh yeah......good game against Canada, they sure put up a good fight....LMAO!!!!! ;p
  5. rugby rose 7:42 PM, June 17, 2007
    Debalina, the only girls outside of New Zealand who know their names? Have you ever been to the Richie McCaw blog? Or the Rugby Round Table blog? Or You Tube absblokes group? Or Bebo? By the way, Debalina, it's nice to meet you, because I am Baby Boss, otherwise known as Rugby Rose. I will be happy to chat with any AB, not just Jerry or Neemia, though my personal preference would be Richie McCaw or the recently retired Master of the Rugby Universe, Tana Umaga.
  6. debalina 8:24 PM, June 19, 2007
    Rugby Rose...nice to meet you! Good to know there are other North Americans that love the boys!

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