The Nasty Boy Chronicles – 3

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I'm a Southern Girl
From way down South
Got a dirty way
'Cause I got a dirty mouth, dirty South
Southern Girl – Erykah Badu

That's right, pleased to meet u 

I still won't tell u my name 

Don't u believe in mystery? 

Don't u wanna play my game?
Nasty Girl – Vanity 6

Nas·ty |nastē|
adjective (-tier, -tiest)
Highly unpleasant, esp. to the senses; physically nauseating, repugnant to the mind; morally bad, Of a person or animal – behaving in an unpleasant or spiteful way, annoying or unwelcome, physically or mentally damaging or harmful.

Full disclosure Dear Readers…I’m a flirt. I’m also one hell of a cock tease and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Seduction is a lost art form people! We are all so concerned with “the get” that we’ve forgotten how nice it feels to just sit back and let all those anticipatory feelings wash over us and engulf those lucky enough to be standing near us. Flirting is fun! Having said that, I will now give you a view into the wicked mind of your girl, Glamour Diva…

A Tale of Two Mexicans

Mexicano número uno – I call him “Ratonito” (Lil’ Mouse) because he’s short, pudgy and has beady, shifty little brown eyes. He’s also a filthy little fucker (Pestilence anyone?) but I’m way filthier and I showed him that recently. I was walking down the hall towards my office when I noticed him standing next to the break room entrance. I called out to him (¡Ratonito!) and he answered me (¡Sí mi amor! ¿Que paso?) then asked if I was leaving for lunch. I said no then asked if he was hungry. He smiled slyly while looking me up and down then chuckled and shook his head. I leaned in close to him and said:

I have something for you to eat but I know if I gave it to you your whole face would look like a glazed donut afterwards.

As Mama Diva would say, you could have sold him for two cents worth of dog meat! He was so nonplussed that all he could do was smile widely and walk away shaking his head. Lesser men would have given up after that but not the indomitable mouse! Today he was back again, nibbling away at the queso in the Trampa del ratón I keep in my cleavage. ¡Aye Pobrecito (Poor baby)!

Mexicano número dos – “Tío Tímido” (Uncle Shy) is a very sweet gentleman with a definite naughty streak! He isn’t as forward as some of the others but I know what lust looks like and I can see it in his eyes. He isn’t very handsome but he isn’t busted up in the face either. He has a beginner potbelly and we’re about the same height but he has a lot of hair and it’s graying at the temples, which makes him look kind of distinguished. In short, he really does look like that kindly, wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly, old Uncle everyone has. I’ve known for a while that he has a little crush on me but like I wrote, he’s harmless so I always make sure I have a big smile for him whenever I see him. But yesterday I was bored so I decided to have some fun with him.

I was in Ms. Sadie’s office helping her with the filing when he stopped by on his way to clock in. We all made small talk for a while when I noticed he’d gotten a haircut. He was surprised that I’d noticed and nervously touched his head. I told him he looked very handsome and he turned bright red! I asked him was he blushing and he whispered yes as he ran off to clock in.

A few minutes later I was back in the dispatch office when I noticed him by the window, kneeling in front of the Driver’s payroll file cabinet outside the office. I walked over to the window and gave him one of those very obvious, silly winks. He blushed again and mouthed something I couldn’t hear behind the glass. I walked outside and he repeated that he wanted to take me to dinner later on that evening. I smiled and thanked him saying that I wouldn’t be able to join him because I got off work at 5pm. He sighed a little then said, “Maybe next time” as he walked towards the door that leads to the truck yard. Wasn’t that sweet ya’ll? Unfortunately…

Many Hens…Only One Rooster

…The Rooster witnessed the whole damn thing! Tío Tímido saw him looking and started pointing and laughing. I swear The Rooster looked like a dog that’d just heard a noise, ears pointed up and out, nostrils flared and sniffing. So I decided I’d give him an award winning show! I pretended to ignore him while I waved sweetly to Tío Tímido, smiling my best “I Want Your Face Between My Thighs” smile. Of course Tío turned practically crimson and scurried out the door! And The Rooster? He pretended not to notice as he lowered his head, frowning the frown of the unwanted. Yay for Tío! Boo…Hiss for The Rooster!

In my next installment I’ll take you on a ride to the “Thugy” side of town…that is unless something sillier happens which is entirely possible at this crazy ass job! And YES, those are my actual lips! Stay tuned ya’ll! – GD

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