Did Sione eat too much chop suey. . .?

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Now, you know ya girl galaxyMafia loves her some Wax but. . .maybe Zinzan Brooke was right when he said Lauaki needed to lose about 5 kilos. . .personally, gM is feelin' dat (after all, fat is comforting) but Sione doesn't need to give Lord Siddious. . .er, Graham "Ted" Henry a reason to keep him off the pitch. . .

Sione, this is the fcuking Rugby World Cup. . .sure, it means shit in America, where it counts but, in NZ, it seems to be an important event for some reason so. . .nigga, at least suck ya gut in when you know the damn camera is on you!

copyright 2007. . .Deb, don't let this discourage you. . .Sione could still turn ya out!

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  1. debalina 9:20 AM, September 02, 2007
    I actually don't mind a pot, but I understand what you are saying....get in shape boy!!!

    And with that beautiful hair and smile, he could put on more weight and still turn me out! ;)
  2. Anonymous 1:30 PM, September 02, 2007
    Good god bitch, I'd like to see you climb out of the water and worry about something as trival as that. If you'd seen Wax without his shirt on in real life you'd know the boy has nothing to worry about!
  3. debalina 6:47 PM, September 02, 2007
    Whoa...anonymous is maaaad!!!

    Tell us everything you know about your best friend Wax then...don't be shy!!!

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