Solve Me If You Can…AGAIN!

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Well…well…well…the RWC is fast creeping up on our collective asses and there ain’t nothin’ none of us can freakin’ do about it! So as Clayton Williams once unfortunately quipped to a campfire full of reporters with recorders set on obliterate my political career, "as long as it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it". Therefore, I’ve devised an even more fiendish puzzle for you to solve! And for you wimps out there I’ve got a puzzle so easy Ma’a Nonu could solve it with both eyebrows tied behind his back!  But before you start exercising your "little gray cells", read about what a Substitution Cipher is here.

Now…are you ready for the clue? The solution to the puzzle is my completely unscientific and quite possibly dead wrong prediction of which teams will place in the top four spots:


Now for the easy, Kindergarten baby puzzle…

(If you can't solve this you're out of the family!)

Good luck Dear Readers! I can’t wait to see your answer in my email! – GD

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