Obliviousness is bliss. . .

By Glamour Diva & galaxyMafia

"Death of a Crush"

Crushes lie
so this crush must die
and I might feel stupid
but I will say goodbye
just can't handle it
that dumb nigga shit
you're full of it
now i wanna spit
in your face
don't let me catch you in the street
you'll be without a trace
like what I felt for you
used to be like glue - stuck on you
you had no clue
but that's okay
it's a brighter day
for me
because I see
what you're not
wipe you away like snot
and i'm glad i finally know
you're not good enough for my show
you can't play that role
because you have no soul
low-down, you're so cold
and stupid
you'll never be smart
can't talk to you about
politics, religion, art
why was it you
I wanted to [heart]
that's true, I confess
but no more - you're a hot mess
weary, wicked nigga, you get no rest
maybe she did get "served"
but you deserve
your heart ripped outta your chest
you ink-addicted, masochistic freak
you need to be more meek
and humble
before you stumble
dumb ass fool
such a tool
you wanna be a teacher
nigga, I'll take you to school
here's the first lesson, learn this. . .
my aim is deadly
and galaxyMafia don't miss!

copyright 2007


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  1. Debalina 9:39 PM, October 30, 2007
    OMG! What did he do?? And are we really surprised? Did we really hold him in high regard???

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