When Will It All End?

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Seriously...we need an intervention in New Zealand ya'll! Is alcoholism a national problem? I can't believe they don't have AA or some sort of twelve step program in effect there. Or maybe they just make the Polynesians attend the meetings because as everyone knows, "'Nesians can't hold their grog". Looks like the Pakehas aren't much better. Full story here.

And if being seen drunk in French public toilets, weren't enough, now Henry was to deal with Deans trying to jack his damn job! Well that's it! He'll never get sober now! Picture it, New Zealand 2017. Graham Henry has been missing for ten years. His family has given up hope of ever seeing him alive again. But then a plucky, intrepid reporter decides to check up on a story she heard about some old, grizzled drunk in a homeless shelter claiming to be the former coach of the All Blacks. GASP! Full story here - GD

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