Thanksgiving Day Ramblings of Randomness

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Negative turns to positive
If it's wrong do the opposite
What doesn't kill only makes you strong
Hustle hard and keep grinding on

'Cause I'm too blessed to be stressed
And I'm too fresh to be pressed

There's so much going on today
But I can't let it worry me
'Cause I'm too blessed to be stressed

Too Blessed - Kevin Michael

Another Thanksgiving is upon us and it’s looking and feeling very much like the last one. I won’t go into my feelings about celebrating this day but if you want to read what I wrote last year you may click here. The only thing I’ll say about it now is that today, for every American family partaking of turkey (liquid or fowl) there’s another Native American family in mourning. Having said that, let’s move on to the point of tonight’s entry…

I was going to write an entry about the pecking order of Polynesians called The Polynesian Hierarchy but I knew it was doomed when I realized the opening quote I’d picked was from George Orwell’s Animal Farm - ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. Right. Like any of my Dear Readers gives a damn about George Orwell! No one cares about anything even remotely academic or political so why keep beating my head against the rugby wall? All our current Dear Readers care about is rugby and unfortunately I am currently not feeling it.

I think about some of the things I used to write about before I got tangled up in all this rugby and rugby podcasting stuff and I can’t help but wonder what the hell happened! I used to be really interested in the world and so introspective but now I just feel like one of those stupid girls I rag on all the time. I can’t take it. I need a break from all the silly! If I’m going to spend up to 16 weeks (Can Wellington make it all the way?) of my life covering Super 14 next year I need to take some time and regroup. You know, fortify myself for the upcoming foolishness.

Believe it or not Ms. GD has things to do like re-read Leaves of Grass, record poetry for Librivox, catch up on my Bollywood movies and watch old school Christmas specials like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and A Charlie Brown Christmas. So from now until February I’ll be doing my own thing in precisely the way I want to do it. But don’t despair, I’ll be silently lurking in the background, ready to pounce on any juicy gossip you might have. In fact, I’ve made a new email home just for rugby themed gossip: So save that address and keep it handy!

Okay…there’s a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc and a slice of homemade carrot cake waiting for me. Enjoy your winter holidays (Our Summer holidays if you live below the equator) and try not to eat too much or you’ll have nightmares. Bye!

Ms. GD

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