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Well. . .the 'Nesians are continually besotted with white women, and that's okay; as gM says, ". . .if they like it, I love it!" However, many of you have wondered, as good-looking as these blokes are, why can't they afford the luxury of a decent looking white woman. . .?

Never fear. . .galaxyMafia has decided to find the perfect white woman for our beloved 'Nesians and YOU can help. (If she doesn't get bored with this), every now and again, galaxyMafia will present "white woman" alternatives for the 'Nesian man, and hopefully, tha n!ggas will catch a clue. . .

Without further ado about nothing at all, we'll start with one of your faves, Mr. Lome Fa'atau. . .

Mr. Fa'atau, a proud Samoan born in Wellington, formely of the Wellington Lions/Hurricanes, now schlepping in Scotland, seems to be currently attached to a woman we'll call. . .let's see. . .RACHEL!

Rachel must have, as Ms. GD would say, "a trick pelvis" because how this ghostly, ghastly woman snagged Lome is beyond the scope of even the most ardent human comprehension.

Well, Lome. . .as Beyonce would say, "Part'na lemme upgrade ya!"

So. . .let us know who Lome should UPGRADE to. . .




copyright 2007. . .galaxyMafia. . .personally thinks he looks cutest with Kate. . .

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  1. Maxxime 11:52 PM, November 28, 2007
    Cameron Diaz is Hispanic actually. Her father's Cuban. Just so you know...
  2. Anonymous 6:01 PM, November 29, 2007
    The so called "Rachel" hasn't snagged him either ... Not from what I know and have seen.
  3. Anonymous 8:07 AM, February 26, 2008
  4. Anonymous 8:09 AM, February 26, 2008
  5. Anonymous 5:22 AM, April 13, 2008
    Rachel is a beautiful girl (both inside and out)..... so I don't know where that 'ghostly ghastly' comment came from, but it is waaaaayyy off the mark. As for this other 'anonymous' chick who keeps posting - girlfriend you are one sad excuse for a human being, life is too short to meddle in everyone else's business......so go and get your own LIFE!
  6. Anonymous 8:11 AM, April 15, 2008
    I have to agree with the above post - "Rachel" is beautiful. Lome is the lucky one, not the other way around, as you would have people believe.

    The Blonde South African girl is insane if she thinks she is somehow special. Who the hell cares if it's true and not "trash talk"... Bottom line - YOU ARE TRASH, you silly tart!!

    Get a life and get a clue. You're just another girl who had to google his name, stumble across this blog, and decide to boost your non existant self respect by telling the world you're a dirty

    So keep in mind love, that what goes around comes around... Happy living B-1arch!!

    To everyone else - How about keeping in mind that "Rachel" is a real person just trying to live her life like the rest of us. All this nonsense is really appalling and I hope to God she never sees this shit.
  7. Anonymous 10:46 AM, May 16, 2008
    Rachel looks like a horse
  8. Anonymous 1:09 PM, May 31, 2008
    a horse? since you have intimate knowledge and I believe that you do, does Lome have any features ( im thinking of one in particular) that bear any resemblance to a horse??..dats what i wanna know lol....

    And who is this Rachel chick??

    how dya know what she looks like??
  9. Anonymous 6:07 AM, August 25, 2008
    Man, I saw him shopping in Barcelona a few weeks ago with a blonde girl, she was so beautiful I couldnt take my eyes off her. He is so lucky. Tell ya what if she was mine she would be my wife....Gotta get me some of that....
  10. Anonymous 7:45 AM, September 23, 2008
    Who is this blonde girl?? Please tell and show us a pic, if you have one. We all want to know....
  11. Anonymous 4:05 PM, September 23, 2008
    Hurry up man, We want to see a pic as well if she was all that like you say.
    Was it Rachel or does he have a new girlfriend these days or was it just another one of his many blonde acquaintances that we keep hearing about?
  12. Anonymous 7:31 AM, September 26, 2008
    Sounds to me like he has a new girlfriend guys , a cute one at that...

    If anyone has any more info please share on this hot sexy chick....
  13. Anonymous 7:35 AM, October 13, 2008
    We are all waiting to hear from you to tell us more about this blonde girlfriend....
  14. Anonymous 10:20 PM, March 30, 2009
    Well I saw him in Wellington, NZ 1 nite wit a beautiful brunette - looking like Nicole from PCD's - so hot -too beautiful. That was this year in Feb
  15. Anonymous 10:48 PM, March 31, 2009
    Man I'd rather have an exotic olive skinned beauty with some mystery. Blondes are everywher and they all look the same. Aint hothing special at all.
  16. Anonymous 7:25 AM, July 14, 2009
    Man I'd rather have a beautiful blonde any day and so do most men.
  17. Anonymous 9:13 AM, September 16, 2009
    you're pretty shame with no taste at all if you're into the same old same old of boring blondes - anyone can die their hair blonde. dark haired browned eyed beauties can't be faked. from what i've heard he's with a tall slim dark haired beauty with brown eyes and all the right features. so case closed!
  18. Anonymous 4:44 PM, October 24, 2009
    With Lome, the case is never closed. If only you knew. I pity his new partner, however beautiful she may be. There is a reason he feels the urge to shag anything that walks... Its called denial. But good luck to them, I am sure its going to be a very "interesting" life together, to say the least. Poor girl.
  19. Anonymous 5:05 AM, November 04, 2009
    He be crazy 2 cheat on her.I know who she is sinc she stayd in Wellies and she is HOT!!Beautiful as- She ll have alotta takers if she wanna play him at his own game.
  20. Anonymous 3:33 AM, February 28, 2010
    karma is a b****...no woman will ever have him all to herself, he doesn't know how to have a faithful relationship. He is a little boy, with a little noodle
  21. Anonymous 9:27 PM, April 01, 2010
    Big ups to whoever can settle this guy down...Lome has a rep but for all the wrong reasons!!
  22. Anonymous 7:16 PM, April 11, 2010
    Nobody can 'settle' him down, that is a joke, if any woman thinks she can she is sadly mistaken. The problem is with Lome, his ego, his pride, his small c*** and his compulsive lying.

    Poor Sally, if she thinks her beauty will charm him for long, she has another thing coming. Sally - don't you think he has had a hundred beautiful woman before you? You can't be more of a good woman than his last girlfriend Rachel. And there will be another hundred after you. He has a snakes charm, which I and countless other woman have been on the receiving end of.

    If you want the bad boy in the first place, don't be surprised if he lives up to the bad boy rep later. You asked for it.
  23. Anonymous 5:43 AM, April 13, 2010
    Hahahahah as a guy I find it funny how bitter ex's always aim their anger at the new beautiful girlfriend! So what if Lome's had a lots of girlfriends.. which guy hasn't?! I'm not surprised he didn't continue anything with you or any of the other bitches who've commented. Do you know Sally? Why direct it to her? What, do you think she reads this sh*t? Probably not, because she's got a life and isn't all bitter and twisted. It's even funnier how you try to downgrade her to your low level, along with the other 'hundreds' too. You clearly know nothing about her. You're just a hater because she's with the man you obviously still think about, enough to google his name and write trash about him. I reckon you should get a life, move on, and accept that people find happiness and are happy despite what life throws at them. Grow some balls and contact Sally and Lome directly if you've got something to say. Would love to see that. You should be ashamed of yourselves, you're nothing but bitter and sour biarrches! Over and out - haa.
  24. Anonymous 6:05 PM, April 13, 2010
    Bahahahaha at last comment...someone is getting wound up, or maybe just stuck up, Lomes ass that is! bahahahaha. Lome tried it on with me for a year, and I knew his ex at the time! No bitterness here, I ended it cos I realised what a sneak and serial liar he was and it was all about him, and I knew her and it wasn't right. I still feel guilty when I see her around. Have known other girls in Wellington who he has got it on with too. So I know firsthand he is a creep. A leopard doesnt change its spots, and that comment was a warning, nothin more, nothin less. I've heard Sally is a good lady, and they deserve to be warned. My comment above you obviously didn't read right, its about him, not her. And obviously people like you do read this shit that know them, so does that mean you don't have a life? No. Its funny watching people like you get all tense about it hahaha. Internet is about freedom of speech, people can say whatever they want, it doesn't make them 'bitter and twisted'. I for one have a great life and am happily married. That nasty man is way behind my fine derriere. From what I know the other comments about Lome are true. Psssshhh to this website, peace out.
  25. Anonymous 2:18 AM, April 14, 2010
    Yea I do know them and they're solid. They've been through a lot together the last few months. So rest assured. Happy marriage!

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