I Take Full Responsibility For This Shizzle!

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There Is A God And He Loves Rugby!

They listen! They really listen!

Just when I was giving up hope this solid platinum nugget of information rolled through the rugby pipeline and into my fat little lap! The NZRU and USA Rugby are getting all coupled up and cozy which means we can expect lots and lots of happy, drooling, chubby little rugby babies before long! At least I hope it's a bundle of joy and not a horrible, fire breathing monster that threatens to hurl itself (Accompanied by thousands upon thousands of it's screeching, weirdly accented Kiwi minions) upon our unsuspecting and ill prepared shores. Oh well, I'll continue to dance with joy until given a reason to sob hysterically.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! [Insert Glamour Diva doing the Cabbage Patch and the Running Man]

And So The Horror Begins...

Why Must I Cry?!?

Dammit Lavea! The boy done gone and hurt himself AGAIN! Seriously ya'll, we need a freakin' intervention in Hamilton! Maybe a prayer vigil or fasting or SOMETHING! I know the NZRU has it's hands full with maintaining the Dan Carter robot, keeping Jerry Collins' bastard children out of the spotlight, and now playing house with US Rugby but I really wish they would launch a full scale investigation into WHY Rugby Union players in Waikato keep getting broke up and busted up right before Super 14! It just don't make no damn sense yo! Rugby gods please protect Richard Kahui and Mils Muliaina. Saying that having them injured and sitting on the sidelines for the next FOUR months would ruin my NZUSA rugby partnership masturbatory high would be an understatement! LAAAAAAWD!

No Money, Mo Problems

Rugby Union For Sale...Slighty Used...

Otago is going broke and ain't a damn thang they or anyone else can do about it. Sucks to be them huh? Whatev...

YAY! Professional rugby is coming to America! Everyone Dance! [Insert Glamour Diva dropping it like it's hot] - GD

Fo shizzle I can drop it much better than him...I promise!

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