B!tch a$$ NZ rugby players. . .

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Hurricanes, Chiefs, Crusades, et al, must we pull your skirts up? As you may have previously read, galaxyMafia was encouraged by the Hurricanes “Men of the Den” calendar. . .that is, until she saw some scans, and was sore disappointed. . .

Apparently, the trend all over tha rugby pitch is for big, beefy players to strip buck naked and show folk what they workin’ wif. . .Newsflash!! It ees not jees zee French who do thees, okay? du Stade might be the most popular calendar but it ain’t the only circus in town. Please see below. . .

And yet, the NZRU has yet to jump on this bandwagon, and galaxyMafia wonders why. . .?
Certainly, it’s not for lack of interest. Who the hell DOES NOT want to see Sione’s pee pee? Raise your hand now! And y’all all wanna see what DC’s got under those tighty-whiteys. And Richie McCaw in the raw? Check! Every girl’s got at least two NZ players she wants to see naked as a jaybird!

Certainly, it’s not because the NZ players are foppish jellyfish. These boys look good, and many of them have an active role in your fantasies!

Certainly, it’s not because the NZ players are afraid to go topless. There are lots of pics of the NZ players with their shirts off. galaxyMafia doesn’t even need to post them because they all over everybody and they granmamma’s Bebo site.

So why the NZ resistance to take it all off. . .?

galaxyMafia and Ms GD have discussed this topic, ad nauseum, and one of the theories revolves around Puritanical values. Seems the NZ players believe there is a time and place for partial nudity* – like say, when one is engaged in a threesome, fivesome, or London Bridge – and between the pages of a glossy calendar is not one of those places.

Nevertheless, galaxyMafia thinks we should DEMAND a calendar of partially nude NZ players – you know, good lighting and lots of strategically placed rugby balls! galaxyMafia thinks we need to petition the NZRU and tell them what we want, forthwith!

Because, seriously, fifteen bucks (plus $30 bucks for international shipping to good ole US of A) ain’t worth it if all galaxyMafia gets is some hokey shot of the team taking a knee, pretending to pray!
copyright 2008. . .galaxyMafia wants you to join her in this revoluntionary endeavor!!!!!

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  1. Rose 9:16 PM, February 05, 2008
    I know some players who would volunteer, namely BYRON and JC. But does anybody want to see their sorry asses (or whatever). These boys are already overexposed, if you know what I mean (and you do).

    Baby Boss
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