Caught Out There With The Sushi Girls™ – Episode 9

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Hey there my Dear Readers! One more week to Super 14 and I’m super excited! I’ve tried to ignore my burgeoning hysteria but it can no longer be contained! I’m looking forward to the games, chatting about everyone’s new hairstyle (What the fuck happened to Jason Eaton?!? BOY STOP!) and yes, I’m even looking forward to the podcasting! Sure, I know I’ll be singing a different tune in April but for now I am, as the Kiwi boys say, STOKED! Now on to the gossip…

Hurricanes Up In The Club!
I came out (I came out)
To have a good time (Yes I did)
That’s all that’s on my mind
Said I got my money (Got my money)
And I got my whiskey (Got my whiskey)
Because tonight I’m gone get real tipsy
Got My Whiskey – Mel Waiters

Aaahhh, the first scandal of Super 14! Oh how I loves it! If you haven’t heard there was a minor kerfuffle at a local Wellington bar and some Hurricanes were allegedly part of the problem. Well my sources say the ringleader was none other than Thomas Waldrom, possible assisted by Tamati Ellison’s younger brother Jacob!

The news story made it sound as if the whole team was up in the club throwing their weight around and makin’ it rain on them hoes! But my sources say it wasn’t even close! As one source put it, “the woman complaining was mental obviously.”

Was she? Or maybe she was so disgusted by the sight of TW all up in her face that she lost her freakin’ mind? I mean the boy does look like Peter Boyle from Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein. My feelings would have been hurt too! It’s Thomas Waldrom for goodness sakes! But even with all this inconsequential fooliwang the most interesting part of this story is something else the source said about the woman who brought the charges. It would seem that the Hutt ladies, Upper and Lower, have a bit of a reputation for being…how can I say this…not the classiest of women. So whom should we believe? My sources are steadfastly behind the boys on this one but I think it’s too soon to tell. I think the “disturbance” was equal parts rugby ego and just plain feed-the-fuck-up female exhaustion. Any Hutt ladies want to weigh in on this one please do so in the comments section!

Jerry’s Christmas Holiday Snaps
I wonder if these were taken before or after he pissed everyone off in Rarotonga? The other people are smiling so I guess it was before. Looks like fun though. I wouldn’t mind having lunch in the water like that!

And Now For Some Good News
If you haven’t already seen these please enjoy snaps of the recent weddings of Doug Howlett and Joe Rokocoko. I have to say that I’ve seen a few rugby wives and girlfriends but Joe’s wife is by far the prettiest! Maybe it’s because she’s half Tongan and Samoan? Maybe. But all I can say is congratulations Joe! You picked a good one!
Thanks for the wedding pics Santeriasister and Rose! - GD

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