Rugby News Roundup

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There is no work today and I am sho nuff bored! Therefore I shall inflict upon you my special brand of Rugby News. SUFFER YOU FOOLS!

FINALLY! Some Good News From Hamilton!
But, soft! what light through yonder goal posts breaks? It is Richard Kahui, with a sack full of trys for your ass!

Yes the most adorable, blue-eyed smoochie face of all adorable blue-eyed smoochie faces is back from injury land and looking mighty fine! No seriously, his game is on point yo! I mean yes he is hot and all but I’m not talking about that right now! I’m talking about the hat trick he pulled on the Hurricanes in a recent preseason match! Goodness! You people with your filthy, filthy minds! Shame on you! I mean REALLY!

But damn look at those legs…mmm…mmm…mmmmmm! Run Richard run! Run straight into my arms!

Yes, We Have No Filipo
Something is bulging on Ross Filipo and no Debalina it isn’t what you’re thinking…unfortunately. It seems young Mr. Filipo needs surgery to correct a bulging disc in his neck or shoulder or something. In short, the boy ain’t playing anytime soon so I guess it sucks to be him! Whatev…

Dammit Lavea!
It’s over…OVER! Tasesa Lavea broke his foot off and is now sitting at home on the couch eating Sour Cream and Onion flavored Doritos and getting ready to watch his teammates compete in the Super 14!

Why? Why must I cry?!?

The DC Robot Is Fixed!
Yay! Good work Harold, we knew you could do it! Now if you could just find a new stylist for the Dan Carter Robot I would be forever grateful! If there is anyone…oops! I mean any thing in desperate need of a makeover it’s the DCR. And while you’re at it get one of those technicians to work on his speech program. His voice annoys me even more than his flipped-fauxhawked-hot ass mess of a hairdo! UGH!

Super 14 Is Going Back To Cali
Okay, I almost peed my pants when I read this! PLEASE GOD MAKE IT SO! A North and South American super rugby tournament with Canada, USA and Argentina and a Super 14 franchise in the United States as soon as 2010? I could die happy…BUT not until I can see the games! Okay God? Don’t you dare go all The Monkey's Paw on me with this! You know how much I love the rugby so don’t play!

And in 6 Nations News…
Teflon Jonny: That shizzle won’t stick! So don't look so sad sweetheart! Come give Ms. GD a hug...

France whipped up on Scotland. Did we expect anything different? Me thinks not!

Ireland beat Italy…But Only Just! Brian O'Driscoll almost got Mauro Bergamasco's foot broke off in his ass! Watch Mauro's most excellent tackle here.

NFL Around The World
American Football: Through the eyes of a Kiwi.

What the Brits think about the Super Bowl...not that anyone here cares...

Okie Dokie Smokie…back to work I…go-ie? - GD

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