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So full disclosure, I’m not really feeling Prince Harry (He's gM's boo). In fact, I don’t really feel any royals that came after Prince Edward VIII abdicated the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson. No, the golden age of Royals Behaving Badly has long since passed…sigh. But I do, however, feel hot shirtless redheads playing rugby and that is precisely what young Harry is doing…in Afghanistan no less! By now I’m sure you’re read how he was all deep undercover in The ‘Stan playing soldier and how the press dropped a dime on his ass so he had to hop a jet and get his royal self back to London right fast and in a hurry before Granny (AKA Queen Elizabeth II) had a coronary!

Well now that he’s back you will begin to see many pictures like the ones below so enjoy! Although, this whole thing seems so damn surreal to me! Intellectually speaking I know royals have been participating in (And starting/sanctioning) wars for centuries but this is just so damn peculiar to me! And what about this whole veil of secrecy thing too?!? I could argue that this is the whole problem with royalty in the modern age and a prime example of why ALL royalty should be eradicated but I won’t go there.

Let’s just take this time to remember all our service people from all over the world who aren’t royalty and are therefore forced to stay in their respective warring communities until they die or are finally allowed to come home to the families that love and miss them. And while we’re at it, let us also take an additional moment to think about the futility of war in general and the insanity of this current war in particular!

And when you’re done reflecting on the futility and insanity of humans killing other humans for fun and profit, pick up a newspaper, magazine, book or click on the myriad internet sites available and arm yourself with information which you will in turn take to the polls this November (Or Tuesday March 4 if you’re in Texas like me) and cast your vote to bring all our soldiers home. End Of Sermon. - GD

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