Portrait of the rugby superstar as an a$$hole. . .

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galaxyMafia is sure you know by now that, after months of hemming and hawing, Jonah Lomu and his wife, Fiona, have finally stopped pretending that their marriage isn’t shot to hell, and have admitted, through their rep, that they’ve stuck a fork in their four-year union because it’s done.
The end of the Lomus’ marriage is no breaking news flash (but just in case you haven’t heard, you can read it for yo’self). Jonah Lomu’s actions of late have spoken louder than the “I-don’t-comment-on-my-personal-life” spiel he’s been spouting 24/7 on a continuous loop.

First, Lomu moved out of the Auckland mansion he shared with wife Fiona.
(Although, at a value of $1.35 million dollars, it would struggle to be listed as a two-bedroom house in California or New York. To call it a mansion in those upscale markets would be quite charitable but, galaxyMafia digresses. . .)

Second, Lomu got a new girlfriend.

It was pretty clear, then, that Lomu, who some say is the most recognized rugby star in the world (whatever the hell that means), had raised up outta that bitch. Literally, and, ahem, figuratively. . .

And that’s when Lomu’s shit really started to stink.

Thing is, galaxyMafia really doesn’t have a problem with Lomu moving on. Because that’s what n!ggas do. They break up with one girl, and quickly move to the next one, with no provocation or preamble. And, unfortunately, n!ggas often move on to the next chick even if they have not entirely, with clear and convincing undisputed evidence, extricated themselves from a previous relationship. Yes, that’s tacky and immature and unnecessary because it really don’t take all that but. . .that’s n!ggas for you.

What galaxyMafia has a problem with is Jonah Lomu’s choices.

Selfish, unsympathetic, pugnacious choices which have led him to behave like a seething, unrepentant heathen. . .

You see, Mr. Lomu, apparently without any shame or remorse, has begun a new relationship with the wife of another man. . .and Mr. Lomu himself is still married. . .

galaxyMafia must tell you that she doesn’t know Mr. Lomu personally. She doesn’t know what kind of man he is, and she is not privy to his side of this tacky, sad, ghetto story. But, galaxyMafia has to wonder what kind of man, who purports to be a role model for young athletes, would so blatantly violate and spit upon the sanctity of holy matrimony, what kind of guy would enter into an adulterous relationship with a casual shrug of his shoulders?

What the hell kind of person is Mr. Lomu. . .?

He turns his back on his wife, Fiona, and cheats on her, the woman who stuck by him when he was literally facing death. But for a kidney transplant, Mr. Lomu might be dead now. Does Mr. Lomu thank God for Fiona, who clearly took seriously the vows to love him “In sickness and in health”? Does Fiona’s loyalty to him during that crises mean shit to Lomu? Now that Mr. Lomu is well, are all bets off? Does he think he cheated death so he can do whatever the fuck he wants to whomever he wants? Does he really think he will not have to stand before the Lord and give account of his behavior? We will all have to do that, whether you believe it or not, and Mr. Lomu will not be excused because he’s some supposed rugby superstar.

But, galaxyMafia can’t, and won’t blame it all on Mr. Lomu. Cliché but true, it takes two to make a thing go right, and galaxyMafia must place blame on Jonah’s new girl, Nadene Quirk.

If you’ve read anything about Nadene, you know she’s a smart, successful, accomplished young woman. Indeed, the New Zealand government has even enlisted her to be a role model for young women. Nadene has her own business, she’s moderately attractive and lives an exciting life.

Ten months ago, she also became what many women would kill to be – a brand, spanking new bride. She and Jarek Goebel were married, took vows before God and their family. But, obviously, something went wrong. galaxyMafia doesn’t profess to know what went sour in Nadene’s and J’s relationship. As galaxyMafia said, there are so many sides to every story. Perhaps, Nadene and Jarek were unevenly yoked to begin with, so their relationship never would have worked. Or, maybe, Nadene and J felt pressured to get hitched. Maybe they just couldn’t get along, and couldn’t make it work.

Or, maybe, when Jonah Lomu stepped to Nadene, she saw it as an opportunity she just couldn’t pass up, J be damned.

Because galaxyMafia figures that if every little ‘Nesian boy dreams of growing up and being an All Black then every little New Zealand girl’s fantasy is to marry or date or screw an All Black.

Of course, Jonah Lomu isn’t an All Black. But he was. One of the very damn best. And Jarek Goebel. . .well, he’s not even on the Blues team yet. . .just a shadow player, and who knows if he’ll be picked for the team and well. . .

Kinda, sorta makes you see Nadene’s dilemma, huh?

On the one hand, there’s the rugby superstar. And on the other, there’s a guy who looks up to said superstar, who may or may not be a rugby superstar himself one day.
And with Lomu’s marriage to Fiona heading into the ditch, Nadene told J adios, cholo. . .and walked out on her marriage, seemingly with no regret.

galaxyMafia must admit, Jonah’s and Nadene’s selfish actions are repugnant but, even more than that, gM is discouraged by their behavior. . .

What was the purpose of throwing Fiona and J under the bus? What does it profit Jonah or Nadene to cheat on their respective spouses so unabashedly? Now, Fiona is devastated and embarrassed. J is simply gutted. Nadene’s hasty departure from the life they should have lived until death do them part shocked and destroyed him. And Jonah and Nadene, who are apparently looking for a new house, can’t really enjoy their new relationship because everywhere they go, some reporter is asking them about the circumstances surrounding their coupling. And what was that posturing with Jonah and Nadene showing up at a Blues practice? When J saw them there together, he was decimated. Why would they do that? So Jonah could show his ass and reveal just how much of a stupid Tongan n!gga he is? Why would Nadene go along with Jonah’s Neanderthal tomfoolery? Later, she admitted it was awkward. Really, bitch, ya think?

galaxyMafia can’t help but think that all of this could have been avoided if Jonah and Nadene had divorced their spouses, and then entered into a relationship. But, it seems to be a case of two selfish people who want what they want when they want it and damn everything else to hell. . .

Well, Jonah and Nadene. . .pray, pray that you don’t end up there yourselves.

copyright 2008. galaxyMafia

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  1. Anonymous 3:20 AM, April 15, 2008
    Know of the family the "Quirks"
    and all the are a social climbers.
    Lots of money and nothing to show for it, just a tag!!
  2. Anonymous 3:01 AM, October 10, 2008
    I knew Nadene quite well when we were younger and I also knew the family and they are not social climbers and don't have heaps of money and nothing to show for it. I can't believe that she has done what she's done but thats life so maybe we should just mind our own business.
  3. Anonymous 7:47 AM, October 28, 2008
    I'm not the gossip follower sort but this whole Jonah thing must be doing a lot of damage to his rep! I certainly don't rate him that highly now. Poor Fiona & Jarek! He's HOT! He'll have his own stampede following him soon :)

    BUT I do have an issue galaxyMafia, what's with this derogoratory use of the term 'n!gga' in connection with Pacific Islanders?!?!
  4. Anonymous 8:43 AM, October 28, 2008
    Well. . .Ms. or Mr. A. . .if you go back and read this entire blog, you'll see that galaxyMafia refers to all men, of all races and creeds as n!ggas. That's just what she does. Question? Are you a Pacific Islander? Because galaxyMafia has heard them call refer to themselves as n!ggas. Oh, are you saying n!ggas are only black?
  5. Anonymous 1:43 AM, February 12, 2009
    Nadene and Jonah have been getting it on, on the side for about 10 years. It was always going to happen....whe was lurking in the shadows waiting for him to "appreciate" their "friendship"
    I'm with galaxyMafia...n!ggas will be n!iggas
  6. Anonymous 8:49 AM, April 08, 2009
    You guys are all loser. NONE of you know either of them. I do!!! They have been trying to avoid eachother and tried to stay away form eachother for years. They have been on and off for YEARS but thought it better to try avoid ONVIOUSLY true love beats all!!! get off their dam backs unless you know there side...plus does anyone know there partners they had left behind?? well i did and believe me i dont fell sorry for them at all!!!
  7. Anonymous 9:02 PM, June 21, 2009
    Wasn't Nadene pregnant with Jareks baby? Did she have it or lose it? was it even his?
  8. Anonymous 12:36 AM, September 21, 2009
    Yes Nadene was pregnant when she was with Jarek. Was it his? I guess no one will know.
    I also know Jonah, nadine and Jarek very well. Jonah has ALWAYS been like this with ladies ... I don't know why he bothers to get married to be honest. As soon as he is done, he moves on. He lacks commitment and in my opinion always will (sorry uce but it's true)

    This has nothing to do with true love by the way. More LUST than anything ... they (Jonah and nadine) had both made commitments to another, end of story!
  9. Anonymous 2:09 AM, October 27, 2009
    Jarek is a complete loser and deserved to have his arse kicked to to cerb. Jonah and Nadene are two timers but who isn't these days and who cares about the quirk family. they are wannabe high rollers. nadenes yougner sister was also hooked up with a rugby player too, lome faatay and then with his brother. the family is fucked up with no morals.
  10. Anonymous 10:48 PM, December 10, 2009
    O.K guys - The baby is not Jonahs!!! She admits it herself. If you take a look at the photos the baby is cute - unlike Jonah whose nose is plastered accross his face & those big huge lips of his - Jonah & Nadene are both losers - Nadene is hideous herself I mean to say take a look at her photos, she suits Jonah. Give Jonah 2 more years & she will be history just like all the rest of the women he has kicked to the churb. Then she'll go running back to Jarek, by then he would have opened his eyes & seen the light. Jonah dosen't want to marry her, she is still married to Jarek - so why won't she just divorce Jarek - well we know why it is so she can cry wolf & go back to him - Nadene is a slut with no morals. Watchout Nadene your days are numbered with Jonah - he'll be sick of you soon, then we will all be laughing at you losers. The Quirks are social climbers, gosh Nadene's mother thinks she is a dam queen - yeah a drag queen. One day it will all come out that the baby is Jareks, then what is Jonah going to do with the tattoo on his arm "WHAT A LOSER" He got that tattoo to prove a point trying to convince himself that it is his baby.
  11. Anonymous 3:11 AM, February 15, 2010
    Her days aren't numbered with Jonah. He loves her too much. Just watch as baby number 2 pops out that he is brayleys dad. You are all losers for saying otherwise. Nadenes mum is certainly a drag queen - a he-man if ever.
  12. Anonymous 7:27 PM, April 08, 2010
    wow! you people really have no lives! gosh, you must be so jealous of nadene and jonah right now that you have nothing better to do than bitch on an internet blog. that's pretty funny.
  13. karaokekaveman 11:57 PM, May 30, 2010
    To all you losers who decided to leave all of those derogatory remarks about Jonah, Nadene and her family, why don't you just start up your own LITTLE WEB SITE so that you can all bitch and whinge together. Everyone makes mistakes and that does not mean 1 mistake in their lifetime. To paraphrase "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone". IS GOD READY TO LEAVE A BLOG?
  14. Anonymous 12:48 AM, May 26, 2011
    okay, you all make me laugh. first of all, to the person who said that Jarek is a loser, check yourself mate coz he ain't, i actually know him unlike you people saying you know so and so..second, nadene and jonah are responsible for their choices so let them deal with the consequences. they don't need you to comment on their lifestyle status and third, to the blog writer, you're a dick..please go find something worth writing about.
  15. Anonymous 8:15 PM, July 29, 2011
    What´s this n!gga-hatred-thing you got going on? Are you just stupid, too young to understand or simply racist? Certainly you mind other people´s business and seem too jealous to see things objectively. You should really grow up and accept the fact, that marriages may get divorced nowdays. Who are you to judge? Welcome to the 21st century, Miss Suck-a-motor or whatever it is! You are certainly rudiculous and should he laid by a big angry black man one day, may be you will change your mind then. Worst regards from Germany!
  16. Anonymous 2:40 AM, November 07, 2011
    this article is either written by jarek himself or one of his close mates or family. Just shows how immature and crap this article is by showing huge amount of hate towards lomu and using the word nigger towards men and pacific islanders. we pacific islanders are not niggers or wanabe faggot americans bitch get this stinky shit off and stick it up your ass
  17. Anonymous 2:46 AM, November 07, 2011
    ive never read an article thats so shit
  18. Anonymous 10:14 PM, December 11, 2011
    Why the hell does this come up when you search for genuine news topics on Lomu?! I didn't order the platter with shit stirred through. Cheque, please!
  19. Anonymous 6:59 AM, February 02, 2012
    True said! He`s just another n!gga. Deport him to Tonga.
  20. Anonymous 10:55 PM, February 24, 2014
    Yup this article sums it all up. Jonah is a n!gga through his shit actions and so is Nadene. "Role Model" ??? Dont make me laugh!
  21. Anonymous 10:22 AM, November 30, 2015
    What a tonne of shit. Im incline to think that the b!tch x wife had a say in this write up. She was a fkn mole. Up Nadene n Lomu :-)
  22. Secret123 2:44 AM, December 01, 2015
  23. Secret123 2:48 AM, December 01, 2015
  24. Anonymous 10:00 PM, December 02, 2015
    I found it particularly noticeable that within hours of Jonah's death , a givealittle page was set up , apparently with Nadene's permission (if not in actuality penned by her), which was rather in bad taste as it appeared she was actually after money through his well known name …. Yet at the same time , Nadene was unseen an unheard from - except from family spokesperson John Hart who mentioned she was grieving so hard and couldn't be available for comment. Ok , I accept that the grieving process would make someone not want media attention and I respect that but what I can't fathom is someone who as fast as lightning , found time out from grieving to ask all and sundry for money ?
    I noticed also how fast the media mentioned in comparison , a legitimate cause (which Jonah had supported) as a medium to donate to should anybody have wanted to.
    Now I'm not saying …… I'm just saying !

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