The Lost Art Of Internet Conversation

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I’ve had some interesting conversations on good old Yahoo! Messenger. Not all of them have been with bloomin’ damn idiots . Some of them have been pretty sweet actually. I’d like to share two of these conversations with you in tonight's entry. Remember, all Yahoo! ID’s have been changed to protect the sane.

Glamour Diva 8:21 PM Hello FerrumSimian! This is Ms. GD from Sex and the Sushi blog. Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving those delicious comments! I love your poetry too; I especially like the ode to Sade. I’ll be checking your site often as I hope you’ll be doing the same for us. Tell all your friends! BTW, you’re pretty cute too…
FerrumSimian 8:22 PM hi
FerrumSimian 8:23 PM us?
FerrumSimian 8:23 PM how many are you?
FerrumSimian 8:23 PM your welcome about the comments
Glamour Diva 8:24 PM lol yes we are all in Texas and there of 3 of us but only galaxyMafia and I write.
FerrumSimian 8:24 PM i see cool
FerrumSimian 8:25 PM love your blog
FerrumSimian 8:25 PM very entertaining
Glamour Diva 8:26 PM thanks! we aim to please. well actually we don't. lol we just like to bitch
FerrumSimian 8:28 PM
Glamour Diva 8:30 PM you like that huh? women who write to get their frustrations out turn you on? naughty boy!
Glamour Diva 8:31 PM we read too! we're very literate chicks. does that do anything for you?
FerrumSimian 8:32 PM lol
FerrumSimian 8:32 PM how old are ya'll
Glamour Diva 8:33 PM LOL we dont tell our ages but let's just say we remember when Atari was the height of video game technology.
FerrumSimian 8:34 PM oh, so you're close to my age
Glamour Diva 8:36 PM true. so if i told you that in addition to reading and writing that we also dig PBS and NPR, would you fall madly in love with us? lol
FerrumSimian 8:37 PM PBS? public broadcasting service
FerrumSimian 8:37 PM npr?
Glamour Diva 8:38 PM yes public broadcasting and npr is national public radio
FerrumSimian 8:39 PM oh ok
FerrumSimian 8:39 PM lol
FerrumSimian 8:39 PM i'm not much of a tv buff?
Glamour Diva 8:40 PM but you do own one right? please tell me you arent one of those people who don’t own a tv? LOL you have a radio?
FerrumSimian 8:41 PM yep i own a tv and i have cable!! radio yep but i prefer my ipod
Glamour Diva 8:43 PM well you're doing better than me. i don’t have cable and i dont want it. i don’t own an ipod but i do have a mac
FerrumSimian 8:46 PM i don't watch alot or regular tv so
i gotta have cable. i watch alot of court tv, discovery channel and hbo shows like sopranos, the wire, ect.,....
Glamour Diva 8:48 PM i saw 1 sopranos episode and i didn’t like it. never seen the wire
FerrumSimian 8:49 PM well i'm about to hit the sack, texan
FerrumSimian 8:49 PM nice chattin' with you
FerrumSimian 8:49 PM i'll definitely be checking out your blog
FerrumSimian 8:49 PM just for the record..
FerrumSimian 8:49 PM ...sushi is dayum good!
FerrumSimian 8:49 PM i'd eat it everyday if it wasn't so
Glamour Diva 8:50 PM LOL thanks again, good night and point taken on the sushi!
FerrumSimian 8:50 PM
FerrumSimian 8:50 PM sleep well
Glamour Diva 8:50 PM u2
FerrumSimian 8:50 PM all of
FerrumSimian 8:51 PM oh wait send me the link to your blog
FerrumSimian 8:51 PM i thought i had it in favs and I don't
Glamour Diva 8:52 PM
Glamour Diva 8:52 PM now to bed with you!
FerrumSimian 8:53 PM yessum, ms gd (golden diva?)
Glamour Diva 8:53 PM glamour gd if ya nasty
FerrumSimian 8:53 PM lol...ok ms gd it is
FerrumSimian 8:53 PM g'nite
Glamour Diva 8:54 PM night!

PuppyLuv (my Canadian friend):
Glamour Diva 2:56 PM
hey! i heard you were bringing sexy back. what's all that about? LOL
PuppyLuv 2:56 PM lol huh
Glamour Diva 2:57 PM its a justin timberlake song. in it he sings that he's bringing "sexy" back
PuppyLuv 2:57 PM oh
Glamour Diva 2:57 PM how are you babe? hows life? where ya been hindin yo sweet self?
PuppyLuv 2:57 PM just here
Glamour Diva 2:58 PM chillin like a villain?
PuppyLuv 2:59 PM jellin like a fellin
Glamour Divab3:00 PM LOL okay baby! i like that!
PuppyLuv 3:00 PM
Glamour Diva 3:00 PM how’s the fam? the parental units and the baby sises doing ok?
PuppyLuv 3:01 PM meh they are around
Glamour Diva 3:02 PM you not speaking to them?
PuppyLuv 3:03 PM of course i am
Glamour Diva
Glamour Diva 3:03 PM ok just checking. so how’s your cock?
PuppyLuv 3:03 PM he’s fine haven’t hung out with him much lately
Glamour Diva 3:04 PM lol damn. have u 2 parted on bad terms?
PuppyLuv 3:04 PM no just haven’t been spending a lot of time with him
Glamour Diva 3:04 PM may i ask why?
PuppyLuv 3:04 PM meh no idea
PuppyLuv 3:04 PM just haven’t been horny
Glamour Diva 3:05 PM damn. you aren’t sick are you? LOL i may have to come up there and "take care" of u...
PuppyLuv 3:05 PM i would love you to
PuppyLuv 3:05 PM not really sick no
Glamour Diva 3:06 PM i'd like to as well but... i missed chatting with you
PuppyLuv 3:13 PM i have to
PuppyLuv 3:13 PM its been to long
Glamour Diva 3:13 PM you have anyone you can call?
PuppyLuv 3:13 PM call about what
Glamour Diva 3:15 PM getting you laid
PuppyLuv 3:15 PM lol i'm just not horny
PuppyLuv 3:15 PM i got laid a week and a half ago
Glamour Diva 3:17 PM REALLY! well you didn’t tell me that! why you holdin out? i like to hear about you fucking 'cause you know...i don’t. lol was it good! what was she like? did she scream?
PuppyLuv 3:17 PM no i didn’t cum she did three times
PuppyLuv 3:17 PM it was really bad actually
PuppyLuv 3:17 PM like making love to a really loud pillow
Glamour Diva 3:18 PM LMAO!
Glamour Diva 3:18 PM damn. you poor thing
Glamour Diva 3:19 PM why do you think you didn’t come? thinking about me? lol
PuppyLuv 3:19 PM she was just really bad
Glamour Diva 3:20 PM wow. where do you find these women? so how was she bad? i dint think men every though women were bad in bed. what did she do or i guess didn’t do?
PuppyLuv 3:21 PM oh women can be very bad in bed
PuppyLuv 3:21 PM she wouldn’t shut up she kept screaming and moaning and i didnt get why
PuppyLuv 3:21 PM i was hardly touching her
PuppyLuv 3:21 PM and she kept pinching my nipples for no reason
PuppyLuv 3:21 PM and just laid there
Glamour Diva 3:22 PM damn! i know its not funny 'cause you had such a bad time but it is kinda funny babe
PuppyLuv 3:23 PM it’s ok
Glamour Diva 3:23 PM
maybe she was pinching your nipples 'cause she thought you liked it?
PuppyLuv 3:23 PM maybe
Glamour Diva 3:23 PM did you try putting her on top?
PuppyLuv 3:23 PM oh my god and she was just horrible at bj’s i just stopped her half way through i had had enough
PuppyLuv 3:23 PM tried to but she didn’t
Glamour Diva 3:24 PM so what was she doing with bj? using her teeth?
PuppyLuv 3:24 PM no just like nothing
PuppyLuv 3:24 PM like her lips were loose and just moving her head up and down
PuppyLuv 3:24 PM doing nothing i didn’t ever feel a thing
Glamour Diva 3:26 PM i feel so sorry for you. you have bad luck with women
PuppyLuv 3:26 PM yeah i do
PuppyLuv 3:26 PM after about an hour i just stopped and started watching myth busters lol
Glamour Diva 3:27 PM it’s really hard to tell with women tho. She may really have enjoyed it or she may have been faking it.
PuppyLuv 3:27 PM well i was "down" there for two Os and it wasn’t faking then
Glamour Diva 3:28 PM lol
PuppyLuv 3:28 PM don’t know about the last one
PuppyLuv 3:28 PM i don’t see why she would
PuppyLuv 3:28 PM because i was clearly not enjoying it
Glamour Diva 3:28 PM LOL
Glamour Diva 3:32 PM so what’s next? gonna call her again and try to work it out?
PuppyLuv 3:32 PM fuck no
Glamour Diva 3:33 PM LMAO! ok babe
Glamour Diva 3:35 PM try, try again...
PuppyLuv 3:37 PM i will
Glamour Diva 3:38 PM that’s good to hear! well my sweetheart i am gonna take a nap. you have a great day ok?
PuppyLuv 3:40 PM ok you to hunny
Glamour Diva 3:41 PM :*
PuppyLuv 3:41 PM kisses

Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are! – GD

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  1. Anonymous 5:24 AM, September 28, 2006
    crazy stuff!
    poor guy

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